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Dallas-based Topgolf targets central Europe as next expansion market

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Paul O'Donnell

The Dallas Morning News


It's partnering with Switzerland-based Greenreb Ltd.

Topgolf is popular in Texas and other U.S. cities and it'll soon expand to central Europe.

Dallas-based Topgolf is taking its golf entertainment concept to Europe, with a franchise deal that'll lead to new venues in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria.

The agreement between Topgolf Entertainment Group and Swiss-based Greenreb Ltd. includes multiple openings in central Europe over the next several years. Each location is expected to add about 350 jobs.

Topgolf now operates 56 venues worldwide, including 52 in the U.S., three in the United Kingdom and one in Australia. It's planning additional venues in the U.S. and U.K., as well as Mexico, Dubai and Canada.

Its new European development partner is led by CEO David Speiser and CFO Eric Grob. Speiser, a former McKinsey & Co. partner, is an entertainment and marketing entrepreneur. Grob founded several companies, including a Swiss-based real estate development firm.

WestRiver Group, the original U.S. licensee, is now its lead investor along with Callaway Golf, Providence Equity and Tom Dundon, the Dallas billionaire who last year bought the National Hockey League's Carolina Hurricanes franchise.

Topgolf made the Inc. 500 in 2014 with sales of $163.5 million, but revenue reportedly has since passed $300 million, according to Inc. It's also branching out with smaller venues in hotels and restaurants, and partnering with an esports company to create events at its locations.


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